1/2 way through with radiation!!!

Josh had radiation treatment #10 yesterday!  The treatments have been going well with little side effects.  Friday Josh has a checkup with Dr. Schertz and we will decide when to do the next CT.

If everyone could keep my family in your thoughts and prayers we would appreciate it.  My grandfather was taken to the ER on Monday and then admitted to RMH.  Yesterday we found out that it is end stage pulmonary fibrosis.  There is no treatment for pulmonary fibrosis.  He is 78 years old and hasn’t seen a doctor in about 30 years so he has been healthy until the last year or so.

I will post again on Friday with what happened at the doctors appointment!

Radiation is a little over 25% complete

Hey everybody! First of all, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! It’s a nice day outside to be spending time with your loved ones and just enjoy the day together. A lot of people have asked me when I was going to return to work, and right now I don’t know. Hopefully very soon. I can’t do anything until radiation is complete, but once it’s complete hopefully the doctors will release me to return to work. I miss my VUPS peeps!

For those who have asked me if radiation hurts, no it doesn’t. When I get there, I go lay on a flat bed under a huge radiation machine. They put this white mask which they made just for me over my face and head and they bolt it to the table to keep my head perfectly still. There are lasers all around the room that match up X and Y coordinates on my head, and the radiation machine snaps an X-Ray of my head. They overlay the X-Rays every time with the previous one, to ensure they get the exact same spot each time. Once the machine starts, it lasts all of 5 minutes and I am done. The ONLY side effect it has, is that it makes me VERY tired. The seizure medication I am on for seizures is called Dilantin and it gives me very bad short term memory loss. I don’t remember things from a few hours ago. That’s very frustrating. I have to get use to it though because I have to take this for 2 years.

Next, so many people have helped us out in so many ways since this all began. Food, rides, work around the house, watching Kobie, everything. While we’re so far behind on writing thank you notes, please know that every favor, every ride, every email / text message and every word is remembered and we are very thankful for everything that everyone has done. Thank you. You may have to continue to help us but you know, it won’t last forever. During my cancer battle I’ve realized something. This isn’t my death sentence, rather it’s Gods way of telling me “Josh, you need to realize what you have and get up and fight for it” so that’s what I’m doing, fighting !! I will continue to fight until Dr. Shertz and Indiana University tell me that it’s over, I’m cancer free.

Something else that I’ve just started as of today, I have just registered to start the ONLY LiveStrong army in the state of Virginia. That’s right, it begins HERE! The LiveStrong army will host events (sponsored by corporations, donations, and the Lance Armstrong Foundation) across the state to help spread cancer awareness and help cancer survivors. I am not quite sure of all of the exact stuff, but I am expecting a package from the LAF explaining more, and with materials to help get the LSAVA started. That’s going to be the LiveStrong Army of Virginia. So, once it gets up and going, I will link it from this page so everyone can check it out, and spread the word.

On a lighter note, today Lance Armstrong started the Amgen Tour of California, which is one of the only races he’ll be racing in America this year. Go Lance!!

On the side links, I have a link titled “For your thoughts” which is basically an electronic prayer list. These are people who mean a lot to me who I ask for you to keep in your prayers. If you have someone you wish to be added to this list that’s battling cancer, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to add them to the list.

I hope everyone has a great week, stay safe and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. I am going to leave you with this video, which is an AWESOME video and song. Please watch it when you have time. I’m not going to post something to waste your time, you’ll like it. I promise. 🙂 See ya

2 radiations treatments down, 18 to go!

Today was Joshs second radiation treatment.  I got to go in and see them get him ready for it.  It was quite interesting.  The room is huge and very relaxing, it has a sky light and a foundation with flowers.  I got to see Joshs mesh cast thing for his head and watched them put it on him.  I did ask if I could keep it when this is over you know in case he asks up at home.  The rest of his appointments are set up for 5:15 so I should be able to take him to every appointment except for the Friday ones.  Tomorrow Tiffany is taking him, I think they have fun together.  We are so lucky to have people willing to help us get him back and forth to appointments.

We got the results from the ct today….the tumors are  still shrinking!  Dr Schertz said that the report was very  “extensive” so they spent a long time comparing it to the others which explains why the cost of his ct’s keep getting more and more expensive!  Josh didn’t ask how much they had shrunk but I will get a copy of the ct report and do my own calculations.

This weekend I’m going to have Josh post another good video on here so be on the lookout!

1 Radiation treatment down, 19 more to go

The first radiation treatment is done!  Josh said it didn’t take long, he said he listened to one song, a commercial, and part of another song on the radio.  He did say the headcast he has to wear during the radiation is so tight he can’t even open his eyelids.  I wasn’t able to go to the appointment today because I had class (have I mentioned that school is overtaking my life) so my dad took him.  Tomorrow and Friday I should be able to take him. Not sure how next week will work since I have class almost all day Monday-Thursday. Kobie came home from school today with a new saying, “Try, try, try….never give up.”  He has been saying it all night! He said he learned it at school from the guidence counselor.

More appointments

Fridays appointment with the ortho pa went well.  We really liked him. Basically all he did was explain the surgery to us and try to decide when a good time to do it would be.  He doesn’t want us to put it off long because Josh is at a big risk of it popping back out but we have to put it off until radiation is over.  He did take an xray which showed that it is still in place….which we knew it was.

Josh had an appointment for a CT this morning, we won’t know the results of that until later this week.  We are anxiously awaiting the call with the results.  While getting his port accessed Josh happened to see Dr. Schertz who said that his tumor markers were still down and that his dilantin level was good.  The dilantin level has to be therapeutic to prevent his seizures–the level needs to be about 9.5 and I think lower than 15.  I’m not concerned with his tumor markers anymore..they were lower than ever just a few days before his last brain tumor.

This afternoon Josh got a call from the radiation oncology office, he will start his radiation tomorrow.  He is kinda nervous about it. I will try to post again tomorrow night after radiation!