Our Disney vacation!

It’s a lot to post here in a single post, so you need to click the link on the side that says “Disney World Trip 2009” and it has pictures, videos, and other stuffs. Enjoy!!

1 Year!

Circumstances in life often take us places that we never intended to go.  We visit some places of beauty and others of pain and desolation.  I never imagined that cancer would be a part of my life history–especially not at the age of 23!  Like with any great trial, God uses everything for good if we allow him to heal us.  Every moment is teachable; every ounce of hurt can prune us for future happiness.  Don’t give in to weakness by dwelling on what you see today; look through it, as hard as it is, to the vision just beyond your sight.

One year ago today Josh was diagnosed with cancer.  Neither one of us will forget that day.  One year ago today we thought our lives were coming to a crashing end yet we now see it as just the first of many obstacles we have had to overcome this past year.

and so it begins…

…our vacation.  We are leaving today and driving to Raleigh and staying at a hotel tonight and flying out tomorrow.  We are all very excited.  We had planned on checking Kobie out of school before rest time so he would hopefully sleep on the way to Raleigh so I asked him when he wanted us to pick him up from school and he said “after breakfast” LOL.     We have several people house and dog sitting while we are gone so hopefully our guard dog is good and lets some of them actually get out the car without eating their leg off.

It is so hard to believe that 1 year ago tomorrow was when this whole cancer journey began.  Incredibly enough it only took 5 days from the time he started having symptoms for Josh to be diagnosed.  We were very lucky that the CT scan he had said the masses were strongly evident of metastasized testicular cancer so we knew what it was then.  Otherwise we would have had the scan, knew somethig was wrong and had to wait on a biopsy and the results of that.

Hope everyone has a good week! We will be back with LOTS of pictures very soon!

May CT Results

So as you probably know by now, I went on Tuesday for my CT scan. It was very interesting. The nurse was injecting the contrast through my port for the CT and the needle popped out of tubing and the contrast shot everywhere.  She had to give me a bath while I was in the CT machine with a warm washcloth. It was rather funny.

thumbs_up I was really expecting bad results from my CT though because, I never get good news. I called Dr. Shertz yesterday and asked what my results were. We were in Walmart when his secretary Tammy called back and left a voicemail. She said that Dr. Shertz looked at my results and said “everything looked good, not to worry about anything”, so that’s a good thing! I have no idea if they’re stable, shrinking, or whatever, but at least I know it’s looking good. I will find out the next time I see him, what the actual results are. I will let you know as soon as I find out something but do know they are good, and there are no new ones and the existing ones aren’t growing!!

Now I can go to Disney World with the weight off of my shoulders of thinking that I had new tumors or my existing ones were growing. It will make me feel much better, at least until my next CT scan.

As I’ve previously posted, the information for my benefit is posted on the side menu of my blog site here, and I’d love to see everyone. So please come out and have some fun with us. It’s going to be a blast. One final note, I got some bad news from my friend Brooke, so please keep her and her families in your prayers. I would appreciate it. Thanks guys and see you soon!

The end is in sight!!!!

Can you believe that it is May already?  I year ago we were a normally family doing normal things.  Wait…whats normal?  Anyway, we were all healthy or so we thought.  Josh had cancer growing inside his body at an alarming rate.  Remember the cancer was growing everyday and spreading about every 10 days.

Today is my last class for the semester!! I have 2 test to do after class today, a final exam on Wednesday and a HESI test Friday! I’m glad for it to be over but I am going to be so bored this summer during the week! I thought about getting a part time job this summer during the week but with the economy it would be hard to find one. Anyway,  I now only need 5 classes to graduate! In January if someone had told me exactly how much work and time was involved in one of my classes this semester I would have laughed at them.  Boy, I had NO idea!  It has been extremely hard to go to school and work full time along with getting Josh to all of his appointments and taking care of Kobie! At times I wondered if I was going to make it but I did!  I even accomplished getting good grades too!

Tomorrow is another big day for us.  Josh has another CT of his chest, abdomen, and pelvis.  This CT will not include his head since it hasn’t been too long since he had an MRI of it.  Either Dr. Harron or Dr. Buck will probably order another one when we see them next.  Dr. Schertz should have the results from this CT sometime later this week I want the results before we leave for Disney but Josh doesn’t.  I tried to compromise and say that I would get the results but not tell him and I would tell him when we got back but he didn’t go for that.  It will be interesting to see who wins this battle.

I need to go get Kobie ready for school so we can leave on this foggy Monday morning.  I hope everyone has a good week!

Benefit Information

The benefit information is now available and is available by clicking the side menu link or clicking here. I would love to see everyone who reads my blog at the benefit. It’s going to be a great time and I guarantee you will have fun! Come on out! 🙂