This post is a few days late, and I apologize for it. With the holiday, things just got kinda hectic and time passed me. This is my favorite holiday of the year, because Black Friday is the one day I look forward too all year round. It’s something about the thrill of getting up at 2am and heading to Roanoke to do shopping and be in the crowds. I love doing it and wouldn’t miss it for anything. Last year in 2008, I was actually trying to delay my first brain surgery for Black Friday. I told Dr. Harron that I wanted to postpone my surgery a week so I could go shopping. He said I didn’t have a week to wait, my brain tumor was growing too fast. So Friday morning comes around, and I went in for brain surgery. He kept me in the hospital until Monday morning, and let me out of the hospital. Friday morning, I was up at 2am and in Roanoke Black Friday shopping! I had ace bandages and all sorts of gauze wrapped around my head, just so I could be out in the crowd shopping. Talk about dedication! This year, Amanda had to work so things were a bit different. We did the normal Thanksgiving dinner just her, Kobie, and I here at home and had lots of food. I really enjoyed that since we didn’t have to go anywhere. I think it’s the first year we actually got to spend it as a family without having to go places. Then we went to bed around 8pm to get up early. We were done by 9am, and came home for Amanda to go to bed for work. We finally got the tree up tonight! 🙂

I just want everyone to sit back a minute, and think about the things in your life. Think about what surrounds you, what makes you smile each morning, what keeps you going. Think about what you’re really thankful for. I am thankful to be alive today. I am thankful that I have been able to kick cancers sorry ass this far, and be a husband and a daddy. I can’t let it take me yet. Too much is depending on me. 🙂 I am thankful that I found and met the woman of my dreams and was able to marry her. I am thankful that next week I can say we’ve been together 7 years (happy anniversary baby ;)), I am thankful that we have the most perfect little angel in the world, and that he’s smart, healthy, happy, and he is probably the best 5 year old kid you’ll ever meet. I am thankful to have some of the best friends in the whole wide world who have stood by me and cared about me. I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for YOU reading this, because you took time out of your day, to read my blog and check on me. Thank you. Thank you to everyone, and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!