So, everyone wants to know what my CT results are. You all know every 3 months I have to go for a CT scan of my entire body, to see the status of my tumors. They slowly shrink each time (very slow), but they have not been spreading or growing so that’s a plus. I’ve had the cancer in my body ever since. I get so scared every 3 months when I have to go for my CT because I have gotten such bad news every time I go. ;(.. THEN I see my oncologist a week after, and usually the Thursday before they call to remind me of my appointment. When I see his number pop up on my caller ID, my heart sinks, like “WHY is he calling me?” then I remember it’s a reminder. Well anyway, I went today for the followup of my CT last week and as always, I was scared to death when I walked in there. Dr. Schertz came in and sat down. He looked at me. I KNEW something was up. Guys, I have some bad news for all of you all………………… You’re going to have to put up with me for a long time. As of January 26th, 2010, I am in clinical remission!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This last CT scan showed no evidence of cancer in my body. The tumors are gone!!!!!!! I am cancer free!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)… Thank you to everyone who has stood by my side throughout this fight, and prayed for Amanda and I. You have no idea how much it all means to us. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you all… I also love and miss my biggest inspiration through all of this, Brooke Mckinsey Smith and I think she has been looking over me for a while!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now, I need a beer.

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we certainly did. A few weeks before Christmas Kobie came home from school with a letter he wrote to Santa asking for a real little puppy. He showed us and kept asking for a “real little puppy” over and over and over. He even had to buy a carrier for it when him and my mom were out shopping. SO for some unknown reason Santa caved and we now have a 9 week old Miniature Schnauzer named Sadie. I’m not sure who loves Sadie more Josh or Kobie! She is already extremely spoiled by Josh since they are home together all day.

We have all enjoyed spending the holidays together. Kobie went back to school this past Monday and I start back to school on Monday. I should graduate this year!!

I read a book today, “Five Lessons I Didn’t Learn From Breast Cancer (And One Big One I Did)” The author said in the book that she didn’t consider herself a survivor even though she was diagnosed, treated, and had been in remission for years. She said she didn’t consider herself a survivor because she didn’t have a serious brush with death. She said the term “cancer survivor” came from the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and was overused. She said at what point do we term ourselves survivors, some people call themselves survivors as soon as they are diagnosed, some when they finish treatment, some when they do in remission. She said death had just sent her a “Thinking of You” card.

After finishing the book I asked Josh if he considered himself a survivor and he quickly said no. I asked him why and he said because he still had cancer. He asked me what I thought and I said heck yeah, I do consider him a survivor! He has survived cancer for over a year and 7 months, he has survived harsh chemotherapy, radiation, two brain surgeries one of which he had so much brain inflammation he lost his vision and ability to move his body before the surgery. For Josh I think that death had pulled into our driveway and parked the car. He has survived a lot that at times neither I or his oncologist thought he would!

Saturday will mark the one year point from the big seizure and second brain tumor, probably the scariest night of my life. If you go back and read our blogs from last year, on January 3rd I blogged about how thankful I was that our live was calming down and starting to be normal again and then just 6 days later it was turned upside down again, which is exactly why you should live each day as if it was your last!

The next update should be in a couple of weeks since Josh has a CT scan coming up in a couple of weeks along with a doctors appointment the week after that!!