Health update

It’s been a year and 2 days since I’ve updated this blog. Believe it or not, I am still alive and kicking though!  Last weekend, we took the kids to the Outer Banks and had a lot of fun. Kolbrin has 2 teeth now, and is scooting everywhere he wants to go. Kobie is doing good, growing like a weed and I hate it! I wish both of my boys would stay small forever. It is what it is though.

Saturday night I went to bed around 10:45 because I was exhausted. I was woken up around 12:00 with a bunch of strange people in my bedroom, plus my wife, neighbors, and father in-law. Those strange people were EMS workers. I asked what was going on and why they woke me up. Amanda told me I had a seizure and I asked if I was okay. Nobody knew. They loaded me up on a stretcher and took me to Franklin Memorial Hospital, where Dr. Lane ran bloodwork and a CT Scan on my head. Everything came back normal, and he thinks the seizure was caused by scar tissue. It was a very scary night though to say the least! I am now back on Dilantin to control seizures. I have to follow up with Dr. Shertz Friday morning so once I find out anything I’ll post it on here to let y’all know! Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers.