6 Months Seizure Free!

Today marks 6 months since my last grand-mal seizure. Every since I have seen Dr. Ferrara and he’s put me on Tegratol I have been doing better and no seizures. The medicine is similar to the Dilantin I was on but doesn’t make me AS loopy. Sometimes I still space out but it’s not as long. I also get really strong headaches at times but they seem to go away pretty fast. But aside from that, the meds are keeping me from having seizures so that’s a good thing. I can finally drive today!

I did go talk to Dr. Whisnant last week about low-T and he wants to have blood work done. I just need to go up to the hospital one morning before 8am to have the blood drawn. Before 8AM!!! Yuck. I’ll post again when results are in. I also see Dr. Shertz this week for a check-up, and Dr. Ferrara next week for a check-up. I’ll follow up once I see them!