About Dr. Raymond Harron


Raymond Harron, D.O.

Background: Neurological Surgery

5304 Indian Grave Rd. S.W.

Suite A

Roanoke, VA 24018

(540) 772-7107

Dr. Harron specializes in craniotomy (brain surgery), disc surgery, neurosurgery, and spinal fusions. He is affiliated with Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, and Columbia Montgomery Regional Hospital in Blacksburg. He earned his education at West Virginia school of Osteopathic Medicine. He also did a residency at Horizon Health System in Michigan, in Neurological surgery. He also completed a residency at Methodist Hospital of Brooklyn, New York in neurological surgery. He served fellowships at Allegheny Regional Hospital, and the University of Arizona college of medicine. He was also ranked #57 out of 144 in research quality by US News & World Report.