Disney World Trip 2009

Disney 09

Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida. Dreams really do come true here. This is the most magical place on Earth, and I can see why after being there.

We left on Thursday to head to Raleigh to fly out. It was $59 to park the car at Raleigh Airport for a week, or $79 to stay in a hotel in Raleigh next to the airport, and use the shuttle, and we could leave our car there for a week. We chose that. We got to Raleigh, and hung out at our hotel for the night. We woke up Thursday morning, and took the shuttle to the airport. We flew out of Raleigh on time, wow! There was a bad storm in Florida, so the flight got diverted. We ended up flying east, THEN south and flew down the coast line. I could see almost all of the Florida beaches as we flew south. We ended up landing in Orlando 25 minutes ahead of schedule, which was nice. Orlando Int’l is a HUGE airport, for those of you who have never been there.  I’ve been in a lot of airports, and it’s bigger than BWI, Dulles, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Miami Int’l, and about seems as big as Hartsfield in Atlanta. There is a Hyatt hotel inside of it, as well as 42 sit down restaraunts, wow!

dscf0022 We landed in Orlando and found our way down to the Magical Express, which is where Disney picked us up. We didnt have to worry about our luggage or anything. They got it and took it to our room for us, which was nice. On our 30 minute journey from Orlando to Lake Buena Vista (where Disney World is), we got to see some of Orlando which was neat. There were also a lot of wildfires. Along side of the road, you could see the wilderness with all of the black smoke pouring out, and 4 helicopters flying around to extinguish them. It was pretty bad.

Once we got to our hotel, we checked in, went to check out our room, then headed out. We got on the bus, and headed to the Magic Kingdom. What did it do when we got there? Started raining. We then went to “storytime” with Disney. Kobie had the fairy godmother read him a story, which was pretty cool. He enjoyed it. She read him Cinderella.


After storytime, we went back to our hotel because it was raining so hard. We kinda hung out there for a while. The next 6 days, we went between parks, (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) and had a blast at each one. The bad part, is there was a tropical system that was moving through Florida while we were there, so it rained most days. There was a total of 17″ of rain in 2 days in the county we were in. It was coming down at over an inch per hour. Florida was classified as a state of emergency with the flooding, and tornadoes. It was pretty bad. We had an AWESOME time even in the rain though.

Kobies favorite place, was the Magic Kingdom. His favorite rides were Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Carribean.  Amandas favorite place, was Animal Kingdom. My favorite, was Hollywood Studios. At any rate, we all loved all of the parks. We did get to see the firework show at Epcot, but we missed out on “Wishes” at Magic Kingdom due to the storms. That was one thing that I wished I could have saw. I also wish we could have seen Fantasmic, at Hollywood Studios but they didn’t do that on the nights we were there. We also went downtown Disney which was pretty cool. There was a TON of people down there though and you couldn’t hardly move around.

The food at Disney was really good. We had some GREAT meals. Some of the best, were Ohana at the Polynesian Resort, California Grill at the Contemporary Resort, and the Yachtsman at the Yacht Club. The best of all though, was the Hoop-De-Doo at Wilderness Resort Lodge. It was all you could eat, and it was all home cooked food. While you ate, they had a stage show, sang, danced and was very interactive with the audience. Kobie was talking so much, they took him up on the stage and made him part of the show!! It was so awesome. He loved it, as did we. It’s on video! We have never eaten so much as we have at Disney! Kobie also really enjoyed the character meals. We ate with them several times while we were there.

While we were there for a week, we did SO many things and had so much fun, I really can’t name it all here. I did however, take over a thousand pictures for you to look through. I highly recommend that everyone visit Walt Disney World at least once in their life, ESPECIALLY if you have kids. The magnatude of it, is unreal. You could never phantom to imagine how big it is, and what all there is to it. You can only dream. Now I guess each of you are tired of reading me rambling on about our exciting vacation since you weren’t there, and you probably just want to see pictures, right? Well, since you’ve read this far, I guess you can. 🙂


Would you like to see video from our trip? If so, then click one of these links:


There are more videos, but they were too long for YouTube. 🙁