Hey everyone and welcome to my cancer blog. This started out as a blog only site written by my wife on CaringBridge when I was first diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer. I had mets to my spleen, liver, both lungs and my brain, twice. My survival rate wasn’t very high because of how it had metastasized and due to the fact of me putting my pride first and waiting when I should have went to the doctor the instant I found a lump. I got very lucky I survived! 

With my wifes blog entries, I wanted to keep them forever and also share them with other people who may have just been diagnosed or who is going through the battle trying to beat their cancer. 

Even to this day, I have no short term memory what-so-ever and it’s hard for me to breathe at times. This is 10+ years post-chemo. I hope this blog website will help someone, even if it’s only 1 piece of information. 

When I was going through treatments, I had a medical team locally who were fantastic and I owe everything to. I also had a medical team at the Melvin Bren Simon Cancer Center at the University of Indiana in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, my primary oncologist died in a tragic vehicle accident and my primary oncologist at IU has passed on due to cancer himself. My medical team was the same medical team that treated Lance Armstrong, since him and I had the exact same type of cancer. Despite all of the negative publicity he has received in years past, I am still a big supporter of Lance Armstrong and live by the Livestrong mantra often. 

Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever. Livestrong.


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