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Pain is temporary,

Yesterday started out rough. I woke up sick so my mom called my doctor at home and called me in something that we picked up on the way to the airport. We got to the airport 2 hours early. Thankfully we requested a motorized cart for when we got to Charlotte. Once we got into the airplane we had to wait on the runway for about 30 minutes until we got the clear from Charlotte airport. Once we got to Charlotte we got on the cart and went to the other side of the airport and got there just in time to board the next flight. Had we not had a motorized cart we would have missed the flight in Charlotte due to the wait at Roanoke. Josh was like a kid at christmas on the flight from Charlotte to Indianapolis…we practically had his nose to the window the whole time…even though I had the window seat!

Indianapolis from our plane

After we landed, got the car, and checked in at the hotel we went to the outlets. For once in a long time Josh felt better than I did…he was walked all around the outlets while I was moving the car every time…I said it was so he wouldn’t have to walk but it was really for me since I was not feeling well.

Today we went to the cancer center….which was brand new and extremely nice! Dr Inhorn had an emergency come up and was not there so we met with Dr. Williams and some other doctor….I can’t remember her name. He basically said that he thinks Josh should be monitored monthly with CT’s and blood work to continue checking on the tumors and if they grow we will have to come back up here for a “stem cell rescue“. He thinks either the tumors will shrink more or that they chemo could have turned them from cancerous to noncancerous. If thats the case, in time, they would probably want to do surgery to remove the benign tumors but that would be once he has completely healed from the chemo. I will write more about a stem cell rescue when we get home. Thanks for all the well wishes, prayers, and support.

IU Simon Cancer Center

This post was posted on Thursday September 18, 2008 at 12:49PM



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